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What is a cover crop ?

What is a cover crop ?

A cover crop is grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil.  Primarily it can manage soil erosion, fertility ,soil quality, moisture retention, weeds,  pests and diseases as well as capturing carbon from the atmosphere.  By increasing organic matter soil content they can really benefit future crop output especially in extremes of wet and dry conditions.  Cover crops provide a more environmentally friendly approach to modern farming, providing carbon sequestration, with a direct aim in reducing the use of artificial fertilisers, and are a more 'organic' method of controlling soil pests such as nematodes.

It is possible to select a short term duration right up to a long term crop lasting months or even years.  Cover crops can provide benefits in rotations over a bare fallow.  With careful selection cover crops can also provide supplemenatry feeding for livestock and wildlife. It is important to select an appropriate cover crop mixture to suit the needs of the farm, as these can differ greatly providing a wide spectrum of uses.

Cover crops also need to be selected with a view to fitting farm practice, capabilities, expertise and available equipment.

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