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All Seasons Game Maize

All Seasons Game Maize

All Seasons maize blend is a unique blend of three maize varieties of varying maturity producing special benefits that cannot be achieved by growing a single variety. The mix is able to produce grain in good or bad seasons because of the range of maturities within the blend.

  • EARLY VARIETY: In good or bad season grain is produced of a satisfactory maturity to provide feed. The plants brackle over to make cobs available to the bird
  • MEDIUM VARIETY: In good season will give good grain yields later than the earlier variety, spreading the feeding season and holding the birds
  • LATE VARIETY: Produces very large strong plants for all season cover with good resistance to lodging because of its very high fusarium disease resistance. Normally limited grain potential
Terms & conditions

Additional details

  • SOWING DATE: April – Early June
  • SOWING RATE: 45,000 seeds/acre
  • PACK SIZE: 1 Acre
  • COVER: August – February
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