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Overseeding Grassland - Simple Steps

Posted: 13 May

There may be some occasions, following poor weather for example or when cash flow is an issue, when overseeding may be a better option than a full reseed. Although not as effective, overseeding can help to boost productivity.

For successful results, it is important to only overseed into an open sward so that the new seed has the best chance of making contact with the soil.

The end of May/ June is the perfect time to sow an overseeding mixture as grass growth tends to slow slightly.

Read our simple steps to overseeding below:

  1. To understand the nutritional picture of the area, ensure a soil test is done


  1. Ensure that there isn’t any problematic mat or thatch at subsurface level


  1. Cut or tight graze the existing sward


  1. Apply P & K fertiliser and lime at 2.5T/ha


  1. Direct drill the overseeding mixture (the Rejuvenator Mix, for example) usually at a rate of 10kg/acre)


  1. Apply slug pellets if slugs are a potential problem


  1. As with reseeding, ensure that weeds are controlled in the early stages of establishment


  1. When new leys reach 7.5 - 10cm they may benefit from a light graze with sheep or youngstock. This promotes tillering


For best results, use the Rejuvenator Mix. It offers quick establishment and is an ideal ‘grass boosting solution’.

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