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About Hubbards Seeds

Hubbards Seed is part of the United Oilseeds national independent farmers co-operative , one of the largest and most successful farmer-owned organisations in the UK.

Forage, game cover and companion crops are available from a wide number of other companies in the UK, but Hubbards Seeds has always prided itself on only ever sourcing and supplying the very finest quality seed for its farmer customers.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is our paramount concern and we always strive to ensure our farmers receive the seed varieties they want, when they require them.

We have long-established relationships with the leading seed breeders in the UK and Europe, which enable us to always offer the latest and best performing seed varieties and ensure our customers have access to the very best products on the market.

Call our friendly team on 01380 729 200 or call your local Hubbards Seeds / United Oilseeds Area Manager.


Call our friendly team on 01380 729 200 for more information