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Grass Seed for Reseeding

Posted: 13 May

Most people will tell you that reseeding our grassland regularly is a good investment. After only 8 years, 50% of your ley can be weed species. Often these species are less productive, less palatable and less responsive. Older grassland, whether used for cutting, grazing or both, can therefore be a hidden on-farm cost.

However, although many highlight the need to reseed regularly, what is talked about less is what grass seed you should use.

There can be a huge difference between grass seed mixtures – in terms of quality and yield due to the varying characteristics of the seed being used.

At Hubbards, our standard grass seed mixtures are made up of varieties selected from the Recommended Grass & Clover List for England and Wales. This means that the grass varieties included are some of the best in the country in terms of yield, DM %, ground cover and disease resistance.

When purchasing grass seed is important to consider whether the grass seed has been sourced from the UK’s top breeders and whether the varieties you are growing are maximising your reseeding return on investment.

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