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Do I need to reseed?

Posted: 20 May

Blog: Do I need to reseed?

Sometimes it can be tricky to make that decision to reseed. As a guide it is suggested that you should aim at reseeding 10-15% of your grassland each year. This will help to maintain the nutritional value of your leys and maximise productivity.

There are number of things to consider when selecting which fields to reseed, therefore we have provided a helpful checklist to support you in making your decision.

Checklist for deciding whether to reseed your grassland:

  • Production and quality of silage has reduced or livestock not performing as well off the sward


  • Livestock avoiding areas of the sward/ grazing unevenly


  • Weed species have visibly increased (thistles, docks, nettles etc)


  • Non-perennial grass species have visibly increased (meadow fescue, red fescue, yorkshire fog etc)


  • Sward is slow to recover after cutting or grazing


  • Sward does not seem to respond to fertiliser applications


As you can see from the list, not reseeding can end up being more costly, than reseeding!

To speak to a member of our specialist team about your 2020 reseeding plans and for more information on our quality grass seed mixtures, please click here.


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